Change and all that

Oh look, a Lib Dem election poster. Remember when Vince Cable was an economic guru and #iagreewithnick trended on twitter. Well, I remember the first part but not the second because I wasn’t on twitter then (I am now, not sure why) although I still agree with Nick and have yet to even consider return my yellow membership card. But it is, in spite of me being a coalition lickspittle, interesting to see how even a few months after the election the poster (still plastered on a Chesham wall three months after polling day) feels like it belongs to a completely different age.

As an interlude, here’s an election poster that does belong to a different age – and thanks to the Lib Dem Voice website for drawing it to the world’s attention. I especially like that being a sizeable property owner is presented as showing someone’s good background and their suitability for office rather than, say, something of a veiled threat. The Barclay Brothers put something similar on their Sark literature and then got very stroppy when they lost.

Anyway … back to the time when Vince Cable was an economic guru and trendy metropolitan types agreed with Nick. How the world has changed. It’ll change even more should we ever have an actually fair electoral system but at least these days it’s getting to be understood that you should be able to take a picture of, say, Vauxhall bus station, without being considered a terrorist threat.

See this piece of history large here.


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