From busk till

Obviously my photo here shows a busker. You can tell he’s a busker because he’s playing what can politely be called a musical instrument, he’s at a tube station (Waterloo, incidentally) and he’s being ignored by all and sundry. A proper busker. I took this shot about three months ago, have only now got round to sorting it out, and the time between then and now means I have absolutely no recollection of what this guy sounded like. Which given what he looks like is a bit of a shock to the system. Clearly I am going senile.

Anyway, apropos of not much, I see that buskers are apparently up in arms about Transport for London’s management of the music at underground stations (the ones in the leafy shires get piped classical music to keep the ne’er do wells away) – and it’s true that I’ve noticed fewer guys giving it welly for cash recently. This is a shame because nothing lifts the soul as much as hearing someone play Coldplay badly – it enriches the ever-present distaste for Chris Martin that all should carry. And occasionally of course somebody is actually quite good.

Who knows – maybe this guy was. Whilst I plunder my memory further you can see this punk bagpipe busker large here.


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