Two wheels? Good.

Just to be quite clear: I am not a cyclist. I can see why you might be confused what with me riding a boris bike every day and having recently purchased a Dahon Speed D7. I can also see that going on cycle training, spending a substantial amount of time looking over cycle route maps and even having a letter about cycling put in the Evening Standard might give the impression that I am, in some way, a cyclist. But allow me to clarify further: I am not.

Cyclists move like salmon on the city streets. I move like a somewhat startled guppy. Cyclist dart hither and yon on pavements, through red lights and the wrong way up one way streets. I pause at red lights (to catch my breath) and only go on pavements when the nice blue signs let me. Cyclists shake their fists at cabbies, I’m just relieved they give me space and time. Cyclists are lycra beasts, I’m in jeans and a t-shirt.

So you see: I can’t be a cyclist.

So in order to at least be a cyclist by association I’m starting another photo project (the last was on England flags, I’ll have a proper page about it soon) covering cycling life, particularly in London and particularly for flabby commuters like me. I’m not quite sure of the details yet but a few shots have already been taken (here in colour and here in proper black white for example). More to follow over the winter.

In the meantime, this picture however shows the warning sticker on my splendid new folder. Apparently I must remember that it’s not for wheelies. Thanks guys, I’ll bear that in mind as I’m trying to grow new eyes in the side of my head on Parliament Square. And you can see the earlier shot of excess bikes at the Concert Hall Approach large here.


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