That fountain

I don’t think most people realise that it’s art (or “art” at least) and that’s what makes it fun but Jeppe Hein‘s Appearing Rooms has appeared outside the Royal Festival Hall for the last four years – when it eventually stops appearing they’ll have to put up a blue plaque to it.

As well as the kids, drunks and slightly bewildered tourists who take on the surges of water, Appearing Rooms draws a veritable crowd of snappers. From folk like Jon Cartwright who capture some brilliant images wherever they point their glass to cameraphone clickers taken by another sight of quirky London, whenever the fountain is on you can guarantee somebody will be taking a picture of it. The light, the spray, the way people act – how can you take a bad photo?

Well, allow me to show you.

Here’s my attempt from a few months ago – on a windyish day when no one was braving the fountain itself. It’s shot at high speed on XP2 with the venerable Nikon F65. You can see it large here.


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