Are we, we are the waiting

There’s probably a stat somewhere along the lines of “the average person spends 2 years of their life waiting for stuff”. Or maybe three years. Or ten years if they have the misfortune to have a lot of things posted to them by people who use Parcelforce.

Today I spent rather a long time waiting in the outpatients at Wycombe Hospital. I’m okay but it took three hours of waiting to confirm this. The British disease of waiting patiently and calmly – and yet having a full register of who else is also waiting and whether they are before or after you in the queue – was never more perfectly observed.

Before I had that misfortune however I took this photo. It’s of the bus stop on Queen Alexandra Road outside what is the older, grubbier half of the Bucks New University building in High Wycombe. You’ll note the polite waiting for a bus taking place. Of all the kinds of waiting, I find (inexplicably) waiting for a bus to be the most frustrating. This shot was taken with the splendid Samsung Tocco Lite cameraphone and you can see it large here.


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