Well well Wells

Wells Cathedral is a surprising, not least because such a dominant-looking building is virtually invisible until you’re right in front of it. Walking through Wells from the Whiting Way car park there’s the grand looking St Cuthberts, the venerable Bishop’s Palace and all manner of olde worlde architecture. No sign of the cathedral, which only becomes visible once you’ve wandered through an unimposing archway. But then you look right and …

So many cathedrals and the like do not allow both a contextualising and close-up view surrounded as they now are by cities that used to stand so very small next to them. Wells is a bit different. The ground in front is completely level and the full frontage is visible – and then very handily you can get up close and personal with carvings, statues (some lacking heads) and finer detailing via the raised pavement along one side. All very pleasant. As is Wells incidentally. I can also recommend the municipal library should you ever get caught short in dire need of internet access although unlike most other buildings in England’s smallest city it is housed in a rather drab uninspiring block.

Anyway, this shot is obviously of the cathedral. The standard reaction is contemplate how much effort, determination, skill and strength went into its construction. I couldn’t even begin to tell you. But I’m willing to bet it’ll still be making jaws drop for centuries more – especially if they keep it as well hidden as it is now. You can see this shot large here.


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