Pontin’s in the blue

We went to Pontin’s the other week. We bought a day pass and stayed for about two hours, or 119 minutes too long as it might otherwise be termed. There was no welcoming blue coat just a grumpy sod in a hut who might as well have spat in our faces for the warmth of his greeting. And now Pontin’s is in administration and blaming the bank for cutting off their cash supply. Whilst having every sympathy for a British institution and the jobs it supports I can’t help feeling that if the major selling point of your top rate ‘cabins’ is “free electricity” then maybe the 21st century isn’t for you.

My photo shows the H2O Zone at Brean Sands. I don’t know if this is before or after the proposed £90m refurbishment programme Pontin’s were apparently about to start but you can see it large here.


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