All square

I haven’t mentioned the splendour of my Zeiss Ikon Nettar recently, mostly because I haven’t been taking any medium format shots and, in fact, hadn’t even bothered to go back over the last film I got processed way back in September. Now that I have had a look I’m regretting the lack of shooting over the past couple of months. It’s even made me finish the getting-ancient film that was in the on-loan Lubitel (sadly now sent on to the next ‘owner’) and I now have two roll films ready to be given the Bayeux treatment.

From the September film I’ve put four more shots onto flickr although having just now noticed that one of my photos is being used without permission on a reasonably high profile site I may have to have a bit more thought about how I put images on there and on here. Anyway … this shot is of Valentine Place and I’m guessing that this little block of flats is one of the most photographed (by film users anyway) in London – if only because it’s right next to the analogue heaven that is Silverprint. If I haven’t mentioned how much I love Silverprint before it’s only because it is possible to be too sycophantic.

So the Zeiss is loaded with Tri-X and the Nikon F65 is ready with TMax 3200 … and if I could find the Canonet after my recent house move it would be good to go as well. So whilst I go and find which box it’s hiding in you can see this shot large here. Just don’t nick it.


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