Being wrong

I have been known, on occasion, to not get something right. It happens. Sometimes. But one of the things I thought I was bang on the money with was the identity of that big old tower at the Houses of Parliament. Turns out I was wrong.

I was out-pedanted and must now eat humble porridge. That tower is, of course, not Big Ben. Big Ben is the bell you utter cretin (sorry, force of habit) but it turns out that that particular perpendicular structure is not St Stephen’s Tower as that name belongs to a smaller less noticeable tower. No, that is just “the Clock Tower“. How dull, how boring, how correct.

When the fact becomes legend print the legend (or something). Just call the sodding thing Big Ben. I’m not going to correct you any more. And in the meantime you can see the details of this shot taken on tuition fee protest day here.


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