Through a charcoal landscape

We really haven’t had that much weather (yet, anyway). Last year, in Chesham, we had several weeks of annoying winter -snow that didn’t disappear and roads that didn’t improve beyond the ice rink stage. Being at the top of a hill we had a lot of staying put. This year our hill – in the Chalfonts – is a bit lower and, as yet, Bucks hasn’t been particularly stricken.

This photo is of one of our dustings (it did get deeper and more pervasive) that I observed through the lens of the Zeiss Ikon (sadly loaded with wholly inappropriate TMax 100). It’s of Gold Hill Common in Chalfont St Peter taken as I cycled by on my splendid Dahon folder. The light and everything really hasn’t come together but it has (to my eye) a nice charcoal-y feel. I think I used all my snow photo luck last year.

See this one on flickr here.


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