The passing of time

One of the grander arguments put forward my street photographers when threatened with the ending of their hobby by over-zealous adherents to dubious anti-terrorist legislation is that what they are doing is recording the prosaic of today in the knowledge that it will become especially fascinating to future generations. It’s not an argument I use particularly much but then I have a spectacularly low opinion of my own photography and also have only infrequenly been stopped by the forces of law and order (so far anyway).

But maybe it is an argument that holds up -to an extent anyway. This afternoon I whiled away some of my lunchbreak youtubing various videos of London from half a century or more ago. Nothing happened in these films aside from some slow red buses and horsedrawn vehicles crossing the Thames at a snail’s pace but I still sat there enrapt. This may be because until the end of this week my office has a splendid view of the Thames and the human life that squiggles along it or it could also be because, yes, the humdrum and everyday becomes beyond interesting when it’s no longer so easily available. Whether or not that justifies poking my lens in the direction of unsuspecting folk going about their lives I’m not entirely sure but it’s something I’ll pass on to any Constable that takes an interest.

You can see this shot – taken on the wonderfully contrasty Neopan 1600 – of London’s Tottenham Court Road here. There’s a lot of human and other life going on. One day that just might interest somebody.


One thought on “The passing of time”

  1. Admittedly I’m a hoarder, and one studying to become a librarian/archivist/information manager – but One day that just might interest somebody. is probably my favourite reason for keeping EVERYTHING. If that single thing is ever useful to even a single person, then it was worth keeping and cataloguing.

    As space and money restrict the potential to keep everything though, I fear my outlook might be frowned upon…

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