Tales of the white stuff

Snow makes people angry. When fog closes airports there isn’t the equivalent rage and bogus stories of how they have fog twice as thick in Prague and yet there isn’t even a Czech word for ‘cancelled flight’. You could get vair vair drunk by playing a drinking game along with online newspaper comments and downing a shot every time someone blames the Coalition for the cuts or has a go at (ho ho) elf n safety or, even better, selects a random part of the world where they have snow for six months of the year and says that the buses are still running there. In fact, snow makes people so angry that this morning whilst wandering back from the village I saw a somewhat determined old man deliberately drive his car at a pedestrian who was deliberately blocking his track whilst both shouted at each other.

Snow, you see, it makes people both angry and nuts.

Still, it does also make for lovely photos and being nothing but a drab traditionalist I’ve been out with my camera today. My digital camera even because if there’s one thing I’ve learnt it’s that I am so rubbish at snow pics that I need the safety net of instant review and delete. The photos are here. They don’t show any particularly violent moments but hopefully would at least give correspondents from Tromsø
a bit of pause before they start banging on about winter tyres or some other dreariness.


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