Light and colour

I’ve just dug out the flash for my camera as you may be able to tell by this sudden and unexpected lurch into high contrast, abstract colour photography. Don’t worry, it’s just a blip. I’ve also got a roll of daylight-only TriX on the go.

Given my knee-jerk reaction to pretty much anything colourful in photography it’s possibly a bit surprising that I’m basically in awe of anyone who has the skills, patience and instinct for flash – especially multiple flash – photography. I step back from praising anyone who uses the term ‘strobist‘ only because those folk have a habit of believing that technique is more important than results. They are the lighting equivalent of people on film boards who spend too long talking about developer combinations.

Anyway, you can see this shot of jelly beans on a white counter here. The good thing about taking pictures of jelly beans is that even if you’re disappointed with the result of the shot you can still rot your teeth on something sweet to soothe the pain.


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