Useless art

The text reads: “THIS NEON SIGN WAS MADE BY VLADIMIR USTINOV FOR THE RENUMERATION OF ONE HUNDREND AND SIXTY-NINE THOUSAND RUBLES”. 169,000 rubles equals about £3,500 and, it appears, that there may be no such artist as Vladimir Ustinov. There’s a former Russian Minister of Justice with that name but nobody on the books of Art First, outside whose gallery this sign was glowing. I should have crossed the road and checked who it was by and for what purpose but I erroneously assumed that the internet would have the answers but this is one time when the information superhighway isn’t being quite so informative.

Still, the installation was making me and several other people chuckle, stop and look as we wandered past so mission accomplished in some ways.

You can see this photo here.


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