Sequentially Yours – Elliot Erwitt at the Atlas Gallery

Elliot Erwitt is a name. The kind of name that scholars of photography like to put forward in hushed tones and vendors of photographic artefacts like to have in the vicinity of some premium grade prints that they happen to have signed and for sale. Marilyn Monroe with her dress up – that’d be Erwitt. But for all the academics and gallery representation there does seem to be, at heart, a refusal to take this photography game seriously. Which brings us neatly to Sequentially Yours – a small grouping of photos (each grouped in a kind of a chronological sequence with gaps missing) currently showing at the Atlas Gallery.

The overall idea is to take the “decisive moment” – one frame that brings everything together – and replace it with indecisive ones. The frames that may not tell anything by themselves but when linked to shots either side of their indecision tell a story or develop an idea.

This Guardian link has a good example and also a good example of how talking too much about certain images, certain artists kills the magic. There’s a thousand words right in front of you – you don’t need to add your own. We know there are hints of story, connections implied that can’t be real and selective editing that draws you to certain conclusions. We’re all postmodern now, we get this with our mother’s milk. But that doesn’t mean it has to be killed by over earnest consideration.

Just enjoy the show.

Either get to the Atlas Gallery or you can see the images on the website here.


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