About: “Ogle Street Nativity”

Ogle Street, eh? Not much need for Monty Python-esque winking when you come across a street with a name like that. And then you see a church standing proud in the middle of it and immediately thoughts turn to Michael Palin in The Missionary. Except that actually it probabaly wasn’t like that. For one thing, the parish declares that Ogle Street was called Little Howland Street at the time the church was first built in the 1860s and only later acquired its more diverting title.

If you’re interested in such things you may be interested to know that the parish may have the name of its former street wrong. Little Howland Street did exist but that is now Cypress Place which is a different street altogether, although nearby. Charles Booth’s survey notes the existence of Howland Mews and that the residents often refered to it as Little Howland Street so I’m guessing that Ogle Street was Howland Mews if it was anything at all.

It’s now a typical street on the outer fringes of Euston heading towards the West End proper. It probably calls itself Fitzrovia. I was quite taken by the juxtaposition of the daily grind of bin collection and the hope of eternal salvation and I’m assuming that the people who put the bins there either don’t care much for Jesus and so see nothing wrong with blocking him out or are part of the faithful but have no faith in their fellow man to appreciate Christ. Either way I just liked how it all came together. (As ever, I make no claims to greatness, it’s just a photo that I liked).

As for the church on whose wall this image is painted I can tell you that it’s part of the Roman Catholic communion, is dedicated to St Charles Borromeo and claims a weekly Mass attendance of nudging 600. Sadly, I can’t find anything about when the picture was added to the building but unless someone knows better I’m assuming it’s a straightforward representation of the infant Jesus being looked over by Mary and Joseph.

See the photo here.


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