From the train

Stafford station, September 2011

It’s hard to write about how magnificent Britain looks from the train without sounding like some refugee from the Daily Mail so I won’t even try. Suffice to say that on Monday I had the pleasure of a pendolino from London to Liverpool. I got both a seat, a coffee and a working toilet on the way up and a seat but none of the others on the way back. I drank wine instead. But it was on the caffeine fuelled journey north that I took this photo as the train pulled into Stafford.

Stafford has many things to be proud of and I’m sure its wikipedia will elucidate them all very clearly. It’s also the first stop on the Euston-Lime Street route so we’d cleared the southeast, Rugby and the like without a pause. As yet another starkly lit (the sun was bright but wintry low) farm hazed across my view I decided that if only Edward Hopper had spent time in the Midlands rather than the Mid West that those buildings would be the iconic ones rather than their American cousins. Of course Nighthawks might have had to be painted in Daventry which might have stretched even the master’s creative ability.

I also like stations which is why I had my camera out as we pulled in to this one. Dullards who pixel-peep seem to have aversion to the modern which means they drive away from places like Stafford so they can take photos of the same tree that everyone else with a DSLR and an enthusiasm for early morning walks has got. I like the balance here between the people and the advert, the signs and the building. Like always, I’m not claiming for it any kind of classic status, just that I like it.

When we got to Liverpool I took this photo.


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