Little things

narcot lane, chalfont st giles

I ride here every morning. This is my route to work. I unfold the Dahon and head up Deanway in Chalfont St Giles, turn on to Narcot Lane and bomb over through Chalfont St Peter and into Gerrard’s Cross and onto the waiting Chiltern Railways train. And today, for the first time I stopped to take a photo.

This is where Narcot Lane leaves Chalfont St Giles. In our Indian summer the light was incredible at 7.40am. The sun was low and edging over the hedges and then ahead: mist. I haven’t really done it justice here but it really was that sort of view that catches you and makes you sigh like you’re falling in love. It almost (note: almost) made me feel that there might be something positive to be said about landscape photography. Except those guys would be in the field taking pictures of flowers and ignoring the real world.

Tomorrow I will unfold the Dahon and ride this route again. It will look totally different. It’s the idea that it might be even better, that there will be a photo that gives me even more pleasure than this, that will ensure I leave the house with my camera on board and my eyes wide open.


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