Apologies to Liverpool

liverpool apartments flats £90,000

People always seem to wind up saying sorry to Liverpool. By my calculations I have been to the Mersey city four times in my life. When I was 9 we went as a family to the newly created Albert Docks modern please-visit-park. Three years later, I went with my dad to Lime Street and took photos of trains. I don’t think we left the station. Five years ago I had a fantastic time with some people I met off the internet and won a pub quiz. And this week I went to stand in the vicinity of politicians.

So my sorrow is that I am nudging the mid point of my three score and ten and this most interesting of places has been but a flicker on my radar. And the place just screams out to have photos taken of it. It’s like Swansea in that wherever you point your camera something will catch whether that’s a lingering remnant of Victorian grandeur or a modern attempt to recapture glory days that can never be got again. And where Swansea is desperate to catch up with Cardiff so Liverpool chases Manchester. Sorry, Liverpool.

My photo shows a development in Liverpool One which sits squeezed between the city and the Albert Dock. My understanding is that it’s one of those quasi public areas that actually has private controls but nobody seemed to mind me whipping out the Nikon and having a good time with it. When I first moved to London the Barbican estate was claiming that flats could be had for £90,000. They were lying. Liverpool today, though, I reckon you could probably talk them to well under that figure. Sorry, Liverpool. Which is a shame because given the choice between EC2 and L1 I’d choose … well, sorry Liverpool again but it’d be a close call.

But, with no need to apologise, I can recommend the Black and White Liverpool group on flickr as a particuarly enjoyable way of acquainting yourself with the city.


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