Around “Troutbeck”

troutbeck albany street

There are two Troutbecks in Cumbria and, if memory serves, they are adjacent to each other in the same way that some towns have pubs called The Swan and The White Swan sharing doorways. There is also a Troutbeck in Zimbabwe which has seen its population plummet since the land reforms instituted by the Mugabe government. The final wiki disambiguation is for Sir John Troutbeck – a British diplomat – but there is no page to give me so info to make me sound knowledgeable.

This is “Troutbeck” on Albany Road in London. Its residents stare on the cream uniformity of the buildings of Regent’s Park Outer Circle. Two beds in Troutbeck is £399,000; two beds in Outer Circle £795,000. I make no comment about where you’re likely to find the better class of person residing. Should you be interested it appears that Troutbeck is named after one of the Cumbria Troutbecks as nearby you will find Coniston, Eskdale and other Lake District related blocks.

Also, possibly more interestingly, if HS2 goes ahead 168 properties will vanish from the area immediately behind Troutbeck as the £16bn rail project requires not only the demolition of pear trees and Chiltern villages but also London council houses to enable its wide tracks to handle 225mph trains.

So, here we are, it’s just a photo. And a few random asides.

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