An English Twixtmas

Oh to be in England now that Boxing Day isn’t here and nor is New Year’s Eve. The few days between the end of the Christmas binge and the start of the New Year hangover is a time for sales, a lot of football, end of year shows on the TV and venues wringing the last of the seasonal good cheer from parents looking for things to entertain their moppets. And into that latter category we can fling the numerous voluntary concerns who go all ‘winter wonderland’ on us and seasonalise their offerings. Apropos of just such things I was today at the Bucks Rail Centre for their mince pie specials.

Included in the price of the ticket was: steam train, magic show, Punch & Judy, free grub, free drink and lots & lots of snowmen, santas, winter lights and bonhomie. I always like the Bucks Rail Centre, even though it essentially has only a single track of 100 yards on which it normally runs trains and the miniature railway is more fun. But they are determined as the 36 year plan to restore 6989 “Wightwick Hall” to its former majesty shows (it’ll be completed in 2013 having been salvaged in 1977) and to my middle class eye it is esoteric places like this that add the most to the joy of being British.

It would be dull world indeed if we were all in the queue for twixtmas bargains and there was nobody out there steaming up a tank engine and getting ready to send it out the 100 yards down the line and the 100 yards back again … choo choo!


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