That was it? 2011 in photos …

This is what the big beasts think of when they think of 2011 as the year draws to a close. They think of Tahrir Square, they think of Tripoli and they think of the Taliban. They think of tsunami, smuggling and groundroots agitation from democracy movements to Occupy Wall Street. They think of Kate Middleton.

There are plenty of reviews of the year. My favourite so far is the Magnum/Slate collection here.

My own 2011 was somewhat different obviously. I haven’t occupied anything other than a soft play centre table and my grassroots agitation is limited to nodding in broad agreement with the anti HS2 posters that line the A413 between Amersham and Wendover. It’s been an odd year but given that this is a blog rather than an epistle to a therapist there’s no need to dwell. I am personally looking forward to a cracking 2012.

There’s no one photo to define the year for me but this is the image I am proudest of. It’s a photo of a photo and some comments. It’s also the photo my six year old took by himself to win a photography prize. Given his start in life I could not be happier at how much he has achieved and continues to achieve.


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