A spiced anchovy on toast welcome to 2012

2012 is causing a linguistic war in the house. On the one side “Twenty twelve”, on the other “two thousand and twelve”. These are irreconciliable differences which can only be solved through the intervention of conciliation service ACAS and a special UN resolution. Until that time, let’s eat toast.

This is that fine anchovy spread called Gentlemen’s Relish. Stop your schoolboy sniggering and behold its salty majesty. I have no idea who first introduced this magnificent food fetish to me but I’m glad they did and I’m glad also that even in these times of year-related language strife the essential gifts of bonkers bread spread can still be exchanged. It is truly a New Year’s lesson for us all.

So here’s to 2012, whatever you call it. Let’s make it the best damn 2012 there’s ever been.


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