The outer limits … or welcome to West Ruislip …

One of my slight quirks is that I have a particular fascinations for the end of train lines, for what lies at the final stop. Aside from the fact that it was a 70 minute journey, I used to find it peculiarly enjoyable to live in Chesham and know that not only was I alighting at the end of the Metropolitan Line but also at technically the furthest end of the London Underground itself. That Chesham was reached by a single line branch line and (at the time) had only two through trains a day in either direction was part of the pleasure. And so to West Ruislip …

This is one of the ends of the Central Line and it also intercepts with Chiltern Railways (which is why I was killing time on a northbound platform wondering where all the trains had gone). TfL reckon it would take 83 minutes to get to Epping at the eastern end of the Central Line. By tube it takes almost exactly the same amount of time to reach Ruislip underground station on the Met Line – but you can walk that in about quarter of an hour (this is worth bearing in mind for when asked for tube stations you can walk between faster than you can get there on the train).

There were apparently plans to further extend the Central Line as far as Denham (in the manner of the Met connecting Chesham and Berkhamsted, the Northern Line doing funny things in Edgware, and the Victoria Line reaching Calais) but for now, and apparently forever, this is where the Underground ends in this part of the world: above ground and on the fringe of the green belt, with London squashed to one side and Buckinghamshire unwinding on the other.


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