About “Clearing the snow”

I have an unprovable hunch that the majority of the photos that people have of their own back gardens are taken on snowy mornings. This is understandable: snow, at least in England, is unusual and renders any scene immediately interesting and often beautiful. When archaeologists look over our snaps though they will conclude that our country was so often covered in snow that it’s a wonder there were ever enough sunny days for Yorkshire to win 31 county championships in cricket.

I’m as guilty as anyone. For some reason I hardly ever seem to take photos of my commute via Gerrard’s Cross station even though the Lumix and cameraphone combo is enough to be sneaky if I felt like it. However it took the most recent dumping of snow for me to whip the camera out whilst we waited for the 0813 to materialise.

With the usual caveats that I’m not claiming classic status I like this one. I like the shape the man forms as he is almost framed by the trains in the distance; I like how the scraped snow trail shows how much work he has done but that the emptiness of the platform leads you to wonder why (well it’s what I was thinking at the time: nobody actually ever stands that far down the platform) and on a personal level the processing is deliberately skewed to make him stand out against a pale whiteish-blue world. And it has lines that lead you through the image – almost like a proper photo.

So, it’s not exactly groundbreaking and I really should get the camera out on normal days but, for now, here’s Gerrard’s Cross … in the snow.


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