Phoneography: a new wonder of the world

This time it’s the Washington Post getting all excited about the marvel that is the fact that cell (mobile) phones have cameras in them and, shock shock horror horror, they can take some pretty decent pictures. Obviously being media types they’re a little obsessed with iPhones and the whole hipster-insta-gram vortex but we’ll allow them that, after all who could possibly know that for most day to day uses (and certainly if you’re outdoors during the day) the phone on your camera is more than decent? Just because most people use their on-phone cameras to take snaps of themselves about to drink a large glass of white wine does not mean that’s all their good for in the same way that SLRs have more uses than being forced to take yet another tediously technically perfect picture of a field.

Anyway, the Washington Post’s gallery is here. Or you could check out what some non artists on flickr have been doing for a lot longer here.

I took the above shot on a phone so basic it barely knew what the internet was. Just think how much better things must have got since then.


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