At the game: Chalfont Wasps v Maidenhead United

(C) Jon Smalldon 2013 - All rights reserved
Football, of course, never actually stops. For all that Sky adverts have shown Football League fans lamenting a long summer without action the dedicated masochist can have had the joy of following U19, U21 and women’s internationals alongside countless invitational club tournaments and leagues that actually play during the English summer. But now, even the Sky adverts must cease for the Hellenic League Division 1 East has returned to Crossleys, home of Chalfont Wasps.

The visitors were Maidenhead United Reserves. Maidenhead claim that their York Road ground has been in continuous use as their home ground since 1870 and is thus the oldest ground still used by its original occupiers. I have no idea if this is true and drop it into this post merely for the whimsy.

Whimsy was somewhat lacking in this match which, for a season opener, really was a blood and thunder affair. United, in all-white, the more fluent and obviously skilful side up against the determination, grit and guile of Wasps. Tackles were hard, swearing was loud and possession once earned had to be respected. Maidenhead led 1-0 at the break but were pegged back in a tight second half before two late goals gave their victory an impression of ease that had not been the reality.

I took along a parent and a camera. One for the craic and one for taking photos. Thankfully I think I got them the right way round throughout and never actually spoke to my camera expecting a response.

The resultant set is here.


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