About the photo: L’Etranger

L’Etranger – photo taken 12 October 2013

Albert Camus was a goalkeeper. He wrote a book called L’Etranger. And I also once had a t-shirt that I used to wear to games that said across the front, “All that I know most surely about morality and obligations I owe to football.” Other translations say he said ‘sport’ not ‘football’. Maybe he learnt all he needed to know from the cut and thrust of petanque.

This photo was taken as Truro City were finishing their warm up before they were to do battle with Banbury United in what is now called the Calor Southern Football League Premier Division. Truro arrived slightly late and so the match started at the bizarre time of 3.08pm and was then further delayed by injuries to players on both sides. Half time arrived at about the time that everyone else was kicking off for their second stanza.

The keeper in the pic was probably not an outsider who did not shed tears at his mother’s funeral, but you can never tell what with goalkeepers being such a funny bunch. In colour you would be able to note how his vibrant lime green looked even more startling against the red and yellow that covers virtually every inch of Banbury’s ground. Banbury – the Puritans – wear decadent red and yellow and have the pots of paint to prove it. But in colour you wouldn’t be able to admire the clouds.

Admiring the clouds is all the spectators could do during that prolonged first half. Frankly, my dear, it was so so far beyond awful that it could barely pass for football. The coffee at the break was needed just to remind my brain to function. Thankfully, the second half was a lot better with three excellent goals. Banbury took a deserved lead which they should have added to before Truro, roared on by about 40 Cornishmen who were as passionate as only people in the middle of a 12 hour round trip can be, somehow stole the match. Their winner came on 87 minutes. The red and yellow flock adjourned to the clubhouse or lost themselves in the twilight as they made their 12 minute journey back to the town they call home.

So, here we are. A photo of a goalkeeper before a game. Not much to say, really.


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