About “Lion Dance”

Welcome to the Year of the Horse!  For a few years now the Priory Meadow shopping centre in Hastings has welcomed the Chinese New Year in with a Sunday afternoon of traditional dance, song and festivities.  This year, with two young boys newly belearnt of the tradition, we went along.

As lion dances go this was, by necessity if nothing else, a small scale event although the performers did go for it with gusto.  The cabbage (other green leafy vegetables may apply) is apparently a regular motif in these dances although the luck value is meant to be more significant the higher it is placed.  This lion deserves extra luck though for doing a splendid job covering the front row in ‘chewed’ leaves whilst ensuring the Mayor of Hastings also got his leaf.

As you can see there was quite a nice crowd along for the show.  Although whether the shop staff in the enclosed centre were pleased or not by the loud (although nice n rhythmic) percussion was something it might have been better not to ask.  Still, at least new years by their nature only turn up once a year … come December and they’ll be hearing I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday all day every day.


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