Is he looking at me? Arnau Oriol takes pictures of commuters.

Image by Arnau Oriol. Copyright is his. Image used here for editorial. CLICK LINK FOR HIS WEBSITE.

My thanks to the Guardian for this one.  Arnau Oriol’s series of people captured, presumably, on their way to and from work – or at least caught going by on public transport in the rush hour.

There are plenty of people whose work it brings to mind – Dryden Goodwin, Tom Wood for two – but what I like here is the toning and composition, which is consistent across the all the images.  The drawing out of a single head amidst darkness, not being afraid of blur or window mess and distortion, and an old-style filmic feel (I don’t know if this is digital or film incidentally).  There’s a style here that works well for the subject and a sense of unresolved inquisitiveness that makes time spent with the pictures satisfying indeed.

Visit his website and you’ll see a whole bunch of other London street projects. The blog could do with an update though.


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