The day Bangor went to Highbury. To play Napoli.

It’s one of the great stories of European soccer.  Bangor City taking on Napoli in the European Cup Winners Cup and if such a thing as the away goals rule had existed they would have been victorious.  A 2-0 win at home and a 3-1 loss away.  But, sadly and gloriously, the game went to a play-off.  At Arsenal.  And it was Napoli who won that game 2-1. Oh, the humanity.

Thirty-odd years after the heady days of 1962, I had the pleasure of going to Farrar Road to watch the Mighty Black & Greens of Aber Town go down without much heroism 5-1.  It seemed that every single Bangor fan wanted to tell us how they’d been there to see the boys in blue tilt at the giants of Europe.  Which was nice.

And now, here is the Pathe evidence of that extra leg. Football from a bygone era is always charming and I especially like that the English commentary repeatedly calls the team Naples.  It did make me wonder when we started calling them by their proper name.  It’s not like we routinely miss off the ‘s’ of Paris St Germain or talk about Bayern Muenchen.

Anyway, video …


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