At the match: Daventry Town v AFC Hayes

(C) Jon Smalldon 2014 - All rights reserved

Daventry Town used to play in black and white at a non-descript ground called Elderstubbs.  Now, without moving, they wear all-purple at a modern thing called Communications Park.  They are also sponsored by something called  Welcome to non league football on the edge of understanding.

AFC Hayes didn’t used to be AFC Hayes.  And they are not Hayes & Yeading United either.  The latter play in Woking after all although one half of the merged entity had previously been called Hayes FC.  No, AFC Hayes were, until 2007, Brook House FC.  Apparently there’s a nice pub in Hayes called The Brookhouse.  I don’t know if they’re connected because google won’t tell me.

Anyway, this was a match where one team beat another 3-0 without a single goal requiring an attacking pass.  Penalty, direct free kick straight in and potential own-goal tapped over the line – that was how the scoring went.  The first two led to two yellow cards for one unlucky sod meaning that AFC Hayes had only ten men to look thoroughly grumpy by the end.

I took along a grandfather and a grandson (I was the middle generation).  And a camera which produced these pictures.


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