Just a blurry photo

There’s a photo of me holding my elder son.  My wife took it.  It was after he’d been in hospital for three odd months and was likely heading on the way home.  He’s a tiny packet and my hand is wrapped around him as he balances on my shoulder.  When I first saw this magnificent image my words were: It’s not sharp.  In more enlightened times I would have been taken out back and shot.

Fast forward eight years and here’s a blurry photo.  The boy who spent the first four months of his life in hospital is in a giant bib and he’s celebrating a goal freshly scored by his younger brother.  Everything about this photo is wrong in a technical sense – which just goes to show the value one should place in technical senses.  I’ll show this photo to my wife later.  I’m guessing she may have words about its sharpness.


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