A saint and his ruins

This is a statue of Saint Bertin.  Our stony friend stands outside the abbey that bears his name and of which he was the second abbot, some time in the 7th century.  For a millennium, the Abbey of St Bertin was active until along came the French Revolution (in France I suspect they may just call it The Revolution) to shut the place down.  Still, the building survived until the Second World War when after the town of Saint-Omer was subject to intense bombardment and the old stones gave way.

What remains is a Turner-watercolour-esque shell  in a rather nice garden – with our saint as guard.  I’m not entirely sure the man who “re-evangelised” the Morini (a non-Celtic tribe occupying land in, but distinct from, the rest of Gaul) would be too pleased with how that’s turned out.


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