Liberee, delivree! Or, it’s that song again …

By now you’ll have heard of a little film called Frozen and the song that defines it Let it Go.  It’s become something of a thing.  People have written learned articles about it.  In the midst of the flurry of chin-stroking from adults and endless replaying of film and songs from the moppets it’s quite easy to forget that it’s actually a cracking film.  And that Let it Go is a properly belting song.

But, anyway, it’s not just a thing.  It’s an international thing.  Disney has done 45 different versions of the film, each requiring a singer that can get Let it Go right in their native language.  And now on YouTube, in amongst the parodies and celebrations (ranging from F*** It All, to that guy doing it in the style of the Muppets) there’s a 25-language salute to world domination from Walt’s old studio themselves.  Here it is.

Oh, and here’s Do you wanna go to Starbucks? Just cos.

But, the final word:



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