And still the England flags fly

(C) Jon Smalldon 2014Maybe it’s the summer sun, maybe it’s that this is shaping up to be an awesome World Cup, or maybe it’s because we’ve matured as a nation … or maybe it’s sheer laziness, but the pubs that had giant England flags up in time for game 1 still have their flags and good luck banners flying.

This (in the distance) is the London Trader on Hastings’ seafront.  You’ll recognise it from such things as ‘some other photos’ and a bit part in the film Byzantium.  It was a busy day down that end of Hastings yesterday as a Fish Festival (curiously lacking fish for sale) and with free music kept the natives entertained, RX Fisheries did a good trade and thousands of people looked for a parking space.  And it was warm.

And still the flags flew.  England are out of the World Cup but the nation just shrugs its shoulders, keeps on investing in the supermarket multi-buys and then settles down on the sofa to shout at the commentators and watch the magic of Germany v Ghana.

We probably went to war yesterday.


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