Footballers’ lives (in the 80s)

What a splendid idea from the Guardian: home shots of some of the 1980s more famous players surrounded by friends, family, trophies and, in Adrian Heath’s case, washing up.

Trevor Brooking shows that he leads the way in fashion by taking a selfie – is it a collective amnesia that pretends that people didn’t self-portrait with their arms out before camera phones? – Graeme Souness looks like a cross between a Bond villain and the Man from Del Monte, and more crimes are committed against taste, decency and knitwear than seems possible in such a small selection.

The overarching theme though is how comparatively humble they look.  Obviously better than most people could afford at the time but just bigger houses on the same estates (mostly).  These days the same people would be living a very different life.  That’s neither good nor bad, just different.

The whole set is here.


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