Watching cranes

(C) Jon Smalldon 2014 - All rights reserved

Well, crane singular but it’s still a floating beast of a thing.  It drifted across the channel and settled beside Hastings Pier – its job is to, silently and diligently, do those tasks required at the far end of the construction that will enable the pier to reopen next year.  It is doing so under the watchful gaze of many of the denizens of Hastings (& St Leonards).

When it came into site on the pier’s webcam there were comments by the dozen.  Even when the sea mist descends there are always several people sitting in contemplation as the crane goes about its work.  A few months ago it was raising the Concordia and now its assembling a people’s pier.  Such is the life of a crane.

My photo shows the fog descending yesterday.  About an hour before, bathed in sun, the whole barrier had been filled with people – most taking photies.  Should you want a live update, the webcam for the pier is here.


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