A rainbow over rugby (town)

(C) Jon Smalldon 2014 - All rights reserved

There was a debate about whether the chips might come with gravy (they did not to us but apparently special favours can be granted) and about whether the absent Rugby Town goalkeeper really does have a broken toe (unresolved) but what there could be no debate about was that this was a match that poets would have called The Game of the Four Rainbows.

This is half of one of them.  We were heading towards full time and I was back in the main stand.  The one that has the letters “VS” in dark blue against the sky blue of the rest of the block.  VS standing for Valley Sports – Rugby Town’s former name.  The fans still yell “Come on Valley” when feeling particularly exasperated.  They did that a bit today what with their team fluffing a lead twice and almost blowing the game entirely.  2-2 was the final score.


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