At the match: Hastings & Bexhill II v St Leonards Cinque Ports

(C) Jon Smalldon 2014 - All rights reserved

I haven’t been to a rugby match of either code for the longest time.  But on the day when in league New Zealand and Australia produced one of the all-time classic test matches I ventured the short distance from my front door to Hastings & Bexhill RFC.  Of course it’s union on the south coast and the game I went to witness was a derby, albeit one between the reserves of the home side and the first team of the visitors St Leonards Cinque Ports.

The temptation at Hastings & Bexhill (or ‘hays’ as the vocal few cheering them on had it) is to turn away from the field and admire the view.  From the pitchside you can see across the Old Town and out to sea.  On a day like today with its mix of sun, cloud and rain it was intermittently dramatic.  Thankfully what was taking place on the pitch itself meant that only an occasional glance seaward was required.

The scoreline at the end read 28-5 to the visitors.  Four tries all converted to one unconverted.  The unconverted was due, in part, to the absence of a kicking tee at the crucial moment.  The result was more reflective of Cinque Ports’ ability to take their chances compared to their hosts’ ability to fluff their lines.  Going by territory, possession and flashes of skill it could all have been so much closer.

I took along the camera, such is my want.  The light was crap and this bad workman is also going to blame the resulting output on just how long it’s been since he clicked a shutter at an oval ball in anger.  Should you so desire you can see some photies here.  Not a single one of the sea.


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