At the match: Westfield v Bexhill United

(C) Jon Smalldon 2014 - All rights reserved

A mix-up with the Sat Nav meant I arrived at the Parish Field home of Westfield Football Club just as the match was starting. The ground is just off the A28 but I swear you’d never know it was there unless you were looking for it. I found myself thinking of the start of Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom: “Hidden among thorny brambles …”  Well, surrounded by massive foliage anyway …  I could now say that my photo shows a Wise Old Elf but I’m not sure the Referees Union would allow it.

And it was an odd game and the official in question played his part in that.  There were heavy tackles, there were fouls, there were a couple of melees that if they’d occurred in the Premier League, Match of the Day would have gone into meltdown.  And through it all the referee had long glances, long talks and long pauses before decisions.  But the cards did not come until later in the game by which time the players were mainly all fouled out.  The second half being noticeably better than the first because the instinct to severely damage their opponents seemed to have left most of the players whilst they were sucking half time oranges.

Bexhill won by the odd goal in one.  A header with about twenty minutes ago was the difference.  Either team could claim they’d done enough for victory but it was the Bexhill supporters (yes, they did bring some and they gathered round a jaunty pirate flag) who got to be warmed by three points as the sun set.  I took some photos other than of the referee and you can find them here.


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