The films of January

I made a vague resolution to make 2015 the year I actually watched some films again.  So, with an over-emphasis on what’s free on Amazon this is what I’ve been doing.  Not a pig-out, I’m averaging one every other day at the moment – and with a determination to stick to films that look vaguely interesting and that I haven’t seen before and will watch to the end.  So, with one-line twitter-length comments about each, this is what I’ve watched in January.

Nebraska – Lovely monochrome, clever framing and restrained acting enhances wry father-son road movie. Meaning of life is a truck.

Moon – Everything about this film is good (premise, acting, plot, set design) although I found the robot’s name annoying

The Double – I can understand why people might hate this deliberately arthouse film. I loved it.

Vampire Academy  – Pacing and key-role acting (and too much exposition!) let down otherwise fun Buffy-esque film. Everyone is pretty.

Winter’s Bone – Jennifer Lawrence is the best thing about this naturalistic Ozark blood-feud drama. But everything else is incredible too.

Shadow of a Doubt  – Surprisingly little happens but you keep watching anyway. Cotten annoyingly good.

Brighton Rock – Attenborough and a whole cast of Brighton thugs take you on a tour of a pre-war grubbiness. Marvellous mix of nostalgia and grime.

Prometheus – Very engaging until the overkill epilogue. Ignore holes in plot but enjoy the enigmas. Ridley Scott creates sci-fi worlds like few others.

The Theory of Everything – Quality acting, lovely direction and overall more darkness than usual for such films. Almost a classic.

A Night at the Opera – 85 mins for a 20 min Flywheel radio sketch. Tiring in some ways, tedious in others but so much energy at times. Contains laughs.

Almost Famous – “I am not sweet” is a companion piece to “Baby ducks are cute” from Bull Durham. As that film is to baseball so this is to rock n roll.

Double Indemnity – Goes without saying this is a film noir classic but I was completely unprepared for how tender the final lighting of a cigarette could be.

Locke – Mis-sold to the public as a thriller but it’s altogether something tastier than that. If this were French people would write about it at uni.

The Illusionist – Whimsical animation with a minor key vibe. Either perfect tribute to Tati or the ultimate insult – depending on who you ask

Kick-Ass – I  don’t think I’ve enjoyed tasteless slaughter as much since Braindead. Comic book violence and fun with smart lines and pain.


3 thoughts on “The films of January”

  1. Some lovely/interesting films there.

    I keeping having the same intention on films, but then find I’m increasingly drawn to rather middle-aged British stuff. Finally caught up with ‘Hit chock’ a few weeks ago and loved it. ‘Quartet’ too: lighter, but a wonderful cast.

    Since we haven’t been in a cinema for years, I’ve been pre-ordering discs for a coming glut, the promise of which delights me: ‘Mr Turner’, ‘Pride’, ‘Paddington’, ‘The Imitation Game’ …

    1. Going to The Theory of Everything was the first time I’d been to the cinema for a grown-up film in … well, since the first child was born. I’ve also dropped so far out of the loop about what’s been released over the past few years. Given that I now have to do a 90 minute train journey four times a week it seemed like a good chance to take advantage of what can be downloaded to the Kindle!

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