At the match: Bugbrooke St Michaels v Buckingham Town


“Excuse me, do you know which team is which?”  
“Sorry, I was hoping you could tell me …”

This is what happens when a bunch of ground hoppers (half the c.50 crowd seemed to be neutrals or yer-actual-hardcore-hopper) who have a vague notion that Bugbrooke play in yellow and blue have got used to the idea that they play in white and black then see two teams run out, one in yellow and blue, one in white and black.  Anyway, turns out the Badgers did used to don non-badger attire until realising that it’s a little too much to be called the Badgers but not take to the field in monochrome.  And very smart they looked in adidas stripes.  Shame they lost, really.

My first ever United Counties League match ended 4-12.  This one never threatened that but it did feature plenty of chances and a lot of questionable defence.  The visitors from Milton Keynes (like many non league teams Buckingham Town no longer have a home in their home town) had a simple plan based around their quick and direct forwards.  Bugbrooke were more obviously technical but repeatedly fluffed their lines – despite turning round a 3-1 half time deficit to level at 3-3.  Momentum should have given them the spoils but as it was a Buckingham counter attack made it 4-3 and despite a virtual siege in the final minutes the visiting keeper who liked to punch (not always to good effect) rather than catch was not often threatened.  The referee blew for time as the Badgers were hastening to a corner – thankfully, this last home game of the year didn’t count for anything really so nobody protested too hard.

All in all, this was a good game played as if it were a cup tie.  It reminded me all over again of the pleasure you can get just turning up somewhere on the off chance of seeing a decent game.



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