Sponsor Me! – (OR: I’m cycling a very long way for a good cause and need your cash …)

Me and a bikeLook, I’m not doing this for my health you know.

Well, I am, a bit. But mainly I’m taking part in GastroCycle, a 90 mile recreation of the Tour de France stage between Cambridge and London, to raise money for Core. Core is a charity so in need of help that right now I’m its Interim Chief Executive (don’t worry, that won’t last).

Core is also the only national charity that fights all digestive diseases. These are conditions that affect the gut, the liver or the pancreas and they are a killer. One in eight UK deaths is linked to them and every year 3 million people are diagnosed with a digestive disease of some kind – ranging from conditions like Irritable Bowel Syndrome which sound kinda okay but aren’t really to acute pancreatitis, which is very unpleasant and,if it doesn’t kill you, will leave you severely damaged.

Core supports research to help us cure these conditions and provides information to patients that have them (we help over 200,000 people every year this way), and we also work with professionals and the public to raise awareness so that symptoms and dangers can be recognised more quickly. Early diagnosis can often be key to survival.  This is all very important but we don’t get any government money and we can only continue doing all this with the support of lovely people like you when you sponsor sweaty people like me.

GastroCycle is on 21 June and I am training like a fool for it right now. I need to ride in a single day twice as far as I’ve ever managed to go in a week. I also need to be able to follow signs and not got lost. This could all be disastrous. But it would make it a lot easier – and make those headwinds I somehow keep riding into more bearable – if I knew that you’d clicked on this link and given me and Core your support… so thank you so much for anything you can give!   You’ll make a fat man very happy and, more importantly, help Core save lives.

I love you all, (possibly!),



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