At the match: Banbury United v Nuneaton Town

It’s that time of year when football teams come together with varying degrees of seriousness whilst many in the crowd still want to discuss holiday plans or the cricket score from Lord’s.  There was an extra enticement for the fair few who made there way to Banbury United to keep their eyes on the pitch – at least for an hour or so – as former Aston Villa (et al) star Marlon Harewood was playing for the visitors having signed for Boro (as Nuneaton Town call themselves in honour of their historic incarnation) on a one-year contract.

The game finished 3-0 without Harewood troubling the scorers (cricket terms are unavoidable on such a summer’s day) although revealing a potential role as the immovable object to whom the Nuneaton team will be lobbing their attacks.  Banbury will have learnt that they’re pretty resolute in defence but are going to need to be a bit smarter to unlock teams whose centre halves have met before the game.  Nobody was injured and everybody got a game.

In keeping with general trend of the match I wandered with a camera rather than purposefully engaged in anger.  Some photies of the day are here.


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