At the match: Easington Sports v Wellingborough Town

Two men and a dog. The dog does not share their interest. (Copyright (C) Jon Smalldon 2015)

“Why are you here?” was the first question we were asked and throughout our time at Easington Sports, a club tucked away in an unseen bit of Banbury, it was assumed by everyone connected with the home side that we must be from the visitors.  I’m guessing not many folk roll by, especially not for a pre-season friendly with the bestriped hosts missing five first teamers and, apparently, their manager.  Needless to say Wellingborough (The Doughboys) made short work of it.  Whereas the boys in red and white had commitment, Wellingborough, with their covered up Specsavers sponsorship, had systems and strikers.  It was no contest.

That said, it was fun.  The first four goals for Wellingborough were scored by Jake Newman.  He looked at embarrassed by three of them, tap-ins after others had done the hard work.  After that the scoring was shared – the pick being a blast from Remy Brittain that was celebrated in equal measures of joy and incredulity.  Easington did have a go but they lacked the speed and strength, not to mention coordinated play, of Wellingborough.  So, in the end, it was a comprehensive win for the United Counties Premier over the Hellenic First Division.

Not sure when I’ll be back this way.  You have to really want to be at Easington Sports after all.  But they have plans.  A stand was mentioned, a walkway round the pitch – and floodlights.  Who knows?  For now, the attention turns to the season ahead and Easington have two weeks to find those missing players and manager in time for a visit to Cirencester Town Development.  Wellingborough just need to make sure Jake Newman and his friends have bought their shooting boots when their United Counties season gets underway.

I took some photos.  They’re here.


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