At the match: Women’s Ashes Test – Day One

DSC_0208It is the nature of Test cricket that the answer to the question “So, who’s winning?” comes with caveats.  Not for the multi-day, two-inning, version of cricket a straightforward ability to read a scorecard and say, “Oh they’re definitely in front.”  And so when we reach the end of  day one (of four) and Australia are 268/8 all you can say is that they are probably happier but that may only be because they’ve added over sixty for the ninth wicket not because they really wanted to be so far shy of 300 with all their batters back in their box.

This was my first visit to Canterbury cricket and a very satisfying one it was too.  I reckon there were about 1,000 people there which can’t be bad for a working Tuesday.  The Spitfire ground does a nice line in Shepherd Neame beers and the view from all seats (we tested a few) is sound.  It’s also nice to be there when Sky bring their cameras so you can always catch the things you miss – although a bit of a shame that service wasn’t available to the captains to review any decisions.  We did get an umpire’s review of a run out though – and a day’s play that ebbed and flowed without either side really being able to stamp their authority on it.

Australia, who lead the Ashes series after the one day internationals, will presumably, be looking to take the match into a place where they can’t lose so they can be in the driving seat when the whites are swapped for brights and the series ends with the T20s.

I took some photies and they are here.


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