Hastings Bonfire Procession 2015

Hastings Bonfire Procession - (C) Jon Smalldon 2015 - All rights reserved

“The Sussex Bonfire Tradition began as a glorified pub crawl.”  It says this on Wikipedia so it must be true.  There might have been some of that going on in Hastings last night but it would have been bloody hard to make it from pub to pub without finding yourself behind a wall of people – so folk were making do with an off licence crawl.  How modern.

Sussex goes a bit over the top for bonfires.  Lewes is the one famous outside the county but the whole season lasts from September until the end of November.  How linked it is to Guido Fawkes – and how actually ancient – seems to be a matter of unreconciled debate.  People round here clearly like to burn things.  Alec Salmond caught light (in effigy) in Lewes last year, this year in Hastings three fat pigeons were vanquished.

I watched the procession go past Pelham Place and took some photos.  They’re here.


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