About “On the Platform”

The platforms at Charing Cross are a lot more exciting than the suburban trains that depart that station deserve.  The platforms jut spectacularly out over the Thames, leaving the grimy glamour of the edge of the West End behind and facing the modern glitz of the South Bank – but the trains just inch their way via Waterloo East and London Bridge to the southeast corner of London and thence to Sevenoaks, Tunbridge Wells – only then do they find purpose as they realise that if they’ve gone that far they might as well slouch to Hastings (but only via some village stations for places that don’t really exist).

The station was built in 1864 and the spectacular Eleanor Cross on its forecourt dates from then.  It is a replica, albeit a nice one.  And those distance to central London?  According to wiki they’re based on the original site of the cross on Whitehall, not the replica outside the station.  So that buggers up my trivial pursuit answers.  The striking Embankment Place office complex that acts as the station roof was added in 1990.  It could not look more like pre-recession excess given physical form if it tried.

Anyway, I took this photo in May 2014 via the medium of camera phone.  I quite like it.


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