Sport, sport, lovely sport … some good bits from 2015 …

That was the year that was.  Almost.  There’s still the Boxing Day football, the World Darts Championship, as well as a couple of dozen college bowls to get through.  It’s been a mostly excellent year so here’s a random selection of things I liked.  There will be things I’ve forgotten or deliberately overlooked, and I make no excuses for bias, but here goes:

The Chicago Cubs beat the St Louis Cardinals. I’ve been a Cub since 1997 when we started the year 0-14.  The Cubs are 1-5 when I’ve seen them live.  The match finished about one in the morning and I can only apologise to the neighbours for the noise I made.

Jose Bautista flips his bat. Because the unwritten rules of baseball are for tedious failures of humanity.

Andy Murray wins the Davis Cup. I will buy him a Paraguay shirt and he can wear it in the Royal Box at Wimbledon. Who cares that he may or may not support the SNP? He dragged his compatriots to a title Britain last won when the sun never set on the Empire.

The NRL Grand Final. The final few moments have absolutely everything. Great, emotional sport.

France beat Qatar. Not really a great moment, more a relief as, thankfully, France were able to overcome the hosts whose players don’t come from Qatar and for whom decisions always seem to come their way.

The Lionesses roar. Third place and, finally, a victory over Germany. A team that few gave a chance were agonisingly close to the final but then came back to win an emotional bronze medal match.

Yorkshire take the title. All is right with the world. I also got to introduce my younger son to cricket. It’s been a good year.

Romania break Denmark’s hearts. A penalty save took the hosts into extra time but Cristina Neagu with 15 goals would not be denied. Norway took the title but this was the match of the tournament.

8 wickets for 15 runs. Stuart Broad’s remarkable bowling with *that* look after Ben Stokes’s catch. (I also liked the Sky Sports song).

Aber beat Bangor 4-0. Just cos.

Bradford beat Chelsea 4-2. Just cos.

Lizzie Jones. Danny Jones died in May whilst playing for Keighley leaving behind a wife and baby twins.  Lizzie sang ‘Abide With Me’ at Wembley and ‘Danny Boy’ at Sports Personality of the Year.  Everything else on this list pales next to that.


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